Home Improvement: Carpeting Your Floors

When you’re working on a home improvement project, chances are that you’re also refurbishing your floors. Carpets are one of the most versatile and comfortable ways to revamp a living space, even if you do not change anything else.

Should I get my carpets fitted?

Home improvement is a place where many people can reduce their expenses by doing a lot of the improvements and renovations themselves. However, carpeting your floors is one thing you should leave to your local carpet fitter professionals. Having your carpets professionally fitted has plenty of advantages. The carpet will have a completely smooth finish if fitted professionally. Furthermore, since professionals are experienced, having them carpet your floors will minimize the carpet that is wasted in cutting. They will also fit the carpet in less time than it would take you to do so yourself as well. Plusher carpets are harder on your sinuses, as are carpets made from synthetic fibers. In such cases, it would be best to choose natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, for your carpets and rugs.

Why carpet?

There are a number of reasons you should choose a carpeted floor for your home, especially if the rooms in question are a study or a bedroom. They add comfort to any room, as well as warmth, especially during the colder winter months. Its also easier on the knees for children, and is more comfortable for them to play on than tiled or wooden floors. Furthermore, they are very comfortable for your feet, and relatively lo-maintenance. Depending on your household and your area, you’ll only need to vacuum once a week, on average, with a thorough cleaning scheduled once a year or so. Available in an expansive range of colours and materials to suit your style and budget, carpets are a popular flooring option.

What type?

Before anything else, you should choose the material that’s right for you and the room. A softer pile is perfect for bedrooms and other rooms that see relatively less traffic, while hardwearing piles are better for areas like the stairs. If you have allergies, you should also take that into consideration when choosing the material.


If you’re still on a tight budget, there are other areas where you can cut corners. First, you should remove all of the furniture from the room being carpeted yourself. This will save you time, money, and irate craftsmen. Second, you can also remove your old carpet yourself, if you have one. You can save on the costs of removal and disposal, which are not usually included in carpet fitting costs. This also gives you the opportunity to examine your floors beneath the carpet. If there’s something there that needs to be redone, such as a floorboard that needs replacing, you’ll be able to do that before having the new carpet placed on top.

Carpets are warm, comfortable ways to furnish the floors of your home. Before having a new carpet fitted, be sure to contact a professional, to reduce the hassle as well as the margin for error incurred when fitting it yourself.

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