HMRC Contact Number: 0844 525 0418

Contacting the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) general customer services number is straight forward as they have a dedicated line – 0844 525 0418.

You would need to contact HMRC if you have questions regarding your income tax payments or national insurance, within the UK only but they do also have some dedicated phone lines for particular subjects, to ensure you get through to the right person.

There is also another customer service number you can use which is a call forwarding number from an independent company, who will connect you through to the right HMRC department. The number is 0300 200 3310 but be aware that calls to this number cost 7p per minute.

HMRC Useful Numbers

For self-assessment inquiries – call 0300 200 3310

For tax credit payments or questions – call 0345 300 3900

For child benefit inquiries – call 0300 200 3100

For national insurance inquiries – call 0300 600 0643

For PAYE tax inquiries – call 0300 200 0341

For corporation tax inquiries – call 0843 509 2500

For VAT inquiries – call 0300 200 3701

For income tax/personal tax – call 0843 509 2500

If you are not sure which type of tax it is you need to call the HMRC about, here is a quick summary of the most common ones which people pay and have questions on:

Self-Assessment tax is generally paid by people who are self-employed and not paying tax through an employer from their wages. It is paid twice a year, in July and January and you need to fill in a form to process your self-assessment tax and find out how much your payments need to be. Being late with this kind of tax does lead to penalties.

VAT (Value Added Tax) again applies to people who are running their own businesses and are registered for VAT. You can find out more about this on the HMRC website. There are various deadlines for paying VAT bills and again, late payment will lead to penalty fees so make sure you know when to pay.

Pay as you Earn (PAYE) is the most common way most people pay their tax and national insurance, as your employer deducts it automatically from you r wages every month, so you don’t have to do anything yourself, unlike the self-assessment tax. You can find out what your tax code is and how much you are paying each month in both NI and tax, by checking out your pay slip. At the end of every tax year – in April – you will receive a P60 which tells you how much your total pay and deductions were for the whole of the previous year. You can contact the HMRC if you have concerns about your tax deductions.

There is information on the HMRC website on all of the potential issues and areas you might want to talk to them about including tax credit and child benefit, but if you can’t see the number you need here, then you can find all the HMRC contact forms and numbers on their website here: