EE Contact Number: 0844 248 2565

Finding the right EE contact number can seem a bit confusing, particularly because of the company’s history of mergers. EE was born when Orange and T-Mobile decided to merge and the new EE company then merged with BT shortly afterwards. This means existing Orange, T-mobile and EE customers might all need to contact EE for account inquiries.

So here are the key EE phone numbers for all customers:

EE Customer Service

Main EE contact number for Customer Services – 0844 248 2565 or 150 from your EE mobile

You should call this EE number for services including complaints, upgrades, top ups, support, contract enquiries or business enquiries. If you want to move to EE 4G services, or enquire about any of the broadband and mobile broadband packages, contact the customer services number. The line is open from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and from 8am to 8pm on weekends.

There is also another customer service number if you have trouble getting through – which is: 0871 976 0578 and calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus other charges.

Balance Checks

  • If you want to check the balance of your EE Account – call: 0844 248 2565, or text BA to 150 from your EE mobile phone.
  • If you want to check the balance of your Orange account – text Balance to 150
  • If you want to check the balance of your T-Mobile account – text BA to 150

EE Contact Numbers for Departments  

Mobile or SIM Only, Small Business 07953 966 250

Broadband or EE TV 0800 079 8586

4GEE Mobile WiFi 07953 966 502

Large Business 0800 079 3333

New Personal Customers 0800 956 6000

New Small Business Customers 0800 956 6100

New Large Business Customers 0800 079 0888

Contact Disability Care within UK 0808 121 1122

Disability Care Outside UK +44 0808 121 1122

Customer Care Abroad +44 (0)795 396 6250

Complaint Escalation 0808 121 3333

Text Relay Service 18001

Recycle and Reward 0208 732 3798

Voicemail in UK 0795 322 2222

Voicemail Abroad +44795 322 2222

Business Shop 0333 920 4031

EE Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint, then start with the appropriate customer service number for your needs, from the above list. If you would rather send in a written complaint then use the following contact addresses:


For Mobile and Business Broadband Customers:

EE Customer Services

6 Camberwell Way


Tyne & Wear 


For Home Broadband Customers

EE Customer Care

 PO Box 486 


S63 5ZX

If customer services don’t deal with your complaint in a satisfactory way, then you can contact the complaints escalation department on 0808 121 3333.

EE Voicemail

You can now dial in to pick up voicemail messages from another phone, by calling the EE voicemail number 0795 322 2222 from within the UK, or +44795 322 2222 from outside the UK.

You need to have a PIN set up to gain access to your voicemail and once you have access you can listen to messages and change your voicemail message if you want to. Make sure you keep your PIN safe to avoid other people being able to dial in to your messages.

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