EDF Contact Number: 0844 525 0425

If you are looking for an EDF contact number then there are a number of options to choose from, depending on the situation. If you have a gas emergency, then use the EDF telephone number: 0844 525 0425 to contact EDF, once you are safe. The EDF number for electricity emergencies is different, read from the fourth paragraph to find the relevant number for your DNO.

EDF is a French company which operates across the UK and supplies energy to around six million UK customers and are leading the way in green alternative energy. In the UK they supply electricity but don’t directly distribute it, which is why the electricity EDF contact numbers are different. 

For EDF electricity there are Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and you need to contact your DNO for electricity problems.

You can find out who your DNO is by calling EDF or by looking on your electricity bill. There is a box at the bottom of the bill containing an S and a two digit number. That two digit number is your DNO supplier code. Here are the emergency contact numbers for all of the DNOs:

  • 10 – UK Power Networks   0800 316 3105
  • 11 – Western Power Distribution  0800 678 3105
  • 12 – UK Power Networks  0800 316 3105
  • 13 – SP Energy Networks   0800 001 5400
  • 14 – Western Power Distribution   0800 678 3105
  • 15 – Northern Powergrid  0800 668 877
  • 16 – Electricity North West  0800 195 4141
  • 17 – Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution  0800 300 999
  • 18 – SP Energy Networks  0800 092 9290
  • 19 – UK Power Networks 0800 316 3105
  • 20 – Southern Electric Power Distribution   0800 072 7282
  • 21 – Western Power Distribution  0800 678 3105
  • 22 – Western Power Distribution  0800 678 3105
  • 23 – Northern Powergrid  0800 375 675
  • 24 – Independent Power Networks Ltd 0800 013 0849
  • 25 – ESP Electricity Limited  0800 731 6945
  • 26 – Energetics Electricity Ltd  0800 804 8688
  • 27 – The Electricity Network Company Ltd   0800 032 6990
  • 28 – UK Power Networks (IDNO)  0800 717 2012

What EDF contact number do I use if it’s not an emergency?

If you have a general inquiry about EDF Energy then use their Freephone Contact Number: 0800 056 7777. You can use this number for all of your gas and electricity questions, billing and meter reading inquiries and account queries. You can change your name, update your account details or query an over charge on your account.

There is also an alternative direct customer service number on: 0871 976 3734. Bear in mind that calls to this number cost 13 p per minute, as well as other charges.

If you need to speak to a particular EDF department, here are the direct EDF numbers you will need, depending on which department you require. Lines are open Monday to Friday with some available at the weekends.

Existing Account Queries 0800 056 7777

Direct Debit Set Up (Monthly or Quarterly) 0800 096 2260

Automated Bill Payment Service, Meter Readings Service 0800 015 1736

Debt Helpline (Independent Debt Advice)           0808 156 6666

Prepayment Meters (Pay As You Go) Enquiries 0800 015 1733

Fixed Tariff Ending 0800 096 7355

Priority Services Helpline 0800 269 450

Text Telephone (Minicom Service) 0800 096 2929

Customers Calling from Outside the UK +44 (0)1138 207117

Gas Emergency Service (24/7) 0800 111 999

New Customers ? Sales Enquiries 0800 096 4063

Customer Complaints Resolution Team 0800 051 1643

Business Customer Services, Complaints 0800 096 2255

Business ? Get a Quote 0800 051 1644

Business Sales 0800 015 9097

Business Movers 0800 404 7413

Business Meter Reading 0800 404 7421

Business Users Calling from Outside the UK +44 113 820 7118

Finding EDF Energy Contact Numbers

If you can’t find the EDF telephone number you need in this list, then try going to their website https://www.edfenergy.com/. Go to the For Home section and hover your mouse over it. Click on Contact Us in the drop down column, under Help and Support and it will take you to a page of telephone numbers.

Writing to EDF

EDF Energy has an official customer service postal address which is provided below, where you can send letters of enquiry about their prices and feedback about their staff.

EDF Energy,
Osprey House,
Osprey Road,
EX2 7WN,
United Kingdom

If you prefer to contact EDF by email, and you have a general inquiry, then you can contact them by completing the contact form on their website: https://www.edfenergy.com/for-home/help-support/contact.  The email team can look after a wide range of inquiries for you including payments, sales and feedback.

What if I want to make a complaint?

There is a free customer complaint number you can call if you are not happy with any aspects of EDF’s service: 0800 051 1643.

If you prefer to write your complaint down then you can send it to EDF by email using this email address: [email protected]

Or you can write a complaint letter to:

Complaints Resolution Manager


If you wanted to visit an EDF office to complain in person, then that is also an option and here are their main business addresses:

Hove Office                      Worthing Office                            Plymouth Office

EDF Energy                       EDF Energy                                   EDF Energy

329 Portland Road            Southdown View Road                   334 Outland Road

Hove                                  Worthing                                        Manadon

BN3 5SU                            BN14 8NL                                     Plymouth


Exeter Office                    Sunderland Office

EDF Energy                       EDF Energy

Gadeon House                  Endeavour House

Grenadier Road                 Victory Way

Exeter Business Park        Doxford International Business Park

Exeter                                Sunderland

EX1 3UT                            SR3 3XL

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